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​LED Leads a New Era in Lighting Design

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In interior design, lighting serves many purposes beyond simply illuminating a space when natural light is low or non-existent. Lighting sets the mood and can be an important decorative element, as with designer pendant lights, table lamps, floor lamps, and wall sconces, but is also needed as task lighting and even for safety in areas such as stairwells.

Lighting technology is undergoing rapid change – with LED lighting leading the way.

LED is a form of solid-state lighting that uses semiconductor light-emitting diodes (LEDs), polymer light-emitting diodes (PLED), or organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) to convert electricity to light, instead of more traditional gases or filaments. LED has revolutionised the lighting technology industry in recent years as LED is more energy efficient, environmentally friendly and saves costs as compared to conventional incandescent or compact fluorescent light bulbs.

The modern designer lighting firms have also made enormous leaps forward in both LED technology and design, expanding the technology’s design possibilities for both residential and commercial use while providing not only design excellence but also lower energy consumption and cost savings over time as well as a reduced carbon footprint for your next project.

The world’s leading lighting designers and manufacturers are now producing stunning designer lighting using LED that would be neither possible nor practical with traditional light bulbs – the creative possibilities are virtually limitless.Some of the new designs like Bolle Chandelier 7 Light and Disco Chandelier by James Dieter.

Make the Switch to LED

Here are just five reasons why you should choose LED for your next project:

  • Greater energy efficiency
  • LEDs have a higher upfront cost than conventional lighting but consume far less energy over time. Cost savings can be up to 80 percent just in reduced electricity consumption.Their long life and reliability can also reduce ongoing maintenance costs in major commercial projects or public lighting projects where scaffolding or crane hire may be required to reach the lighting for maintenance.
  • Longer life and increased reliability
  • Most lighting manufacturers guarantee a lifespan of 50,000 hours for their LED bulbs, as compared to a very few thousand hours for incandescent light bulbs. LEDs are also more reliable and durable as they are usually encased in a high-strength compound that is virtually unbreakable.Meaning they don’t need to change or need ever need change light bulbs, this is especially useful when you have 4m high ceiling and specified a light fitting such as Bocci 14.36 Chandelier or pendant light like Lee Broom Crescent Modernist Pendant Light . They also operate immediately at full power when switched on, making them ideal for any emergency lighting situations.

  • A more sustainable choice
  • LEDs use less energy and material to manufacture, do not contain mercury or other toxic substances and their lower power consumption makes them better suited for use with alternative technologies such as solar or wind power.For any projects aiming to achieve a high Green Star rating, LED lighting is the best possible choice.
  • Expanded design options
  • LEDs produce a light of very high quality and offer a greater choice of colours than conventional lighting, including a warm white. Combined with the latest technologies and fitting designs, this allows endless possibilities for innovative lighting applications that are not just functional but can be used as a strategic design tool. For example, LED makes colours appear very close to nature (4000K), an important factor in any commercial fit-out requiring exceptional product presentation.

    LED mood lighting is also being used increasingly to affect human behaviour, for example in airplanes to reduce jet lag by assisting more natural sleep patterns and in educational institutions to improve students’ concentration and learning abilities.

  • Greater safety and security
  • LEDs are a safer source of light due to the lower level of heat produced and low voltages. For an instant, Bert Frank Riddle table lamp would be too warm if traditional light bulbs were installed, but not so with a low wattage LED. There’s also no delicate glass that could break, no filament and no toxic materials or gases emitted. Their toughness and reliability also ensure that LED light sources are less likely to fail in emergency situations than conventional light sources.


    Employing the latest in LED lighting technology is just as important these days as choosing the right designer pendant lights for design impact – and the cost-savings over time for you can be huge.

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