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Add sophistication and style to any room with wall sconces and wall lamps that fit your design preferences. Illuminate a dark corner, add task lighting, or complement the aesthetics of your space with wall sconces of all sizes, styles, and shapes.  Wall lamps allow you to add lighting to any room without taking up floor space. They’re great for narrow spaces, task lighting, or as a main light source. Centuries ago, wall sconces were created to hold torches and candles along walls; today, they’re a popular lighting choice for their unique charm and decorative appeal.

At Replica Lights, we’re committed to meeting your design needs, which is why we offer the best collection of designer wall lighting at affordable prices. Stunningly designed and expertly crafted, our wall lighting balances functionality and design for the best options for your home, office, or commercial space.  For a visually rich ambiance, wall lamps and wall sconces allow you the flexibility of designing the feel of your space. From the dimness to the brightness of light to the effects of the lighting design, you can find styles that blend into the theme of your room or make a bold statement.

Whether you want a clean and modern look or a sophisticated and traditional feel, we offer wall lighting for every budget. At Replica Lights, we showcase stunning designer lights with environmentally-conscious features. Shop for decorative wall lamps and add beautifully designed and functional lighting to your space. Get a wall light that fits your style today!



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