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To the Lamp Shop – Online Buying Tips

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To the Lamp Shop – Online Buying Tips

Sometimes, consumers are enticed to buy a particular model of a lamp because of how good they look in pictures posted on an online shop. However, upon receipt of their purchase, they discover that they have made a poor choice and wasted their hard-earned money.

In buying any type of lamp, there are several factors to consider, apart from the design and specs. In order to ensure that you get the maximum utility out of your purchase, you need to consider the following tips when you visit a lamp shop online.

Beyond design

Online retailers use the best pictures of their products to entice consumers. The idea behind this is that these pictures should showcase products in the best possible light. Often, consumers fail to keep in mind that stylists who composed these shots have not taken into the account the lighting requirements of the areas where they will be actually used, focusing solely on aesthetics.


One of the critical points that you need to know before buying any type of lamp is the location where it will be used. Before making the final purchase, know well ahead where you are going to place it. Is it in a high traffic area? On top of a table?

Consider the function

Unless you are shopping for a lamp to upgrade the design of a specific room, you need to consider how different types of lamps function. Take note that a lamp used for general lighting will differ from a lamp used for ambient lighting; a task light will also differ from a highlight.

If you wish to simply illuminate a room, floor lamps like torchier lamps may suffice. Reading lamps, in general, produce somewhere between 100 and 150 watts of light. If you need something brighter, you should opt for a task light.

The shade

One of the last things that you need to consider is the position of the shade. Ideally, the lowest portion of the shade should be about ear or cheek level. This will help keep you and your family members from being blinded by the exposed bulb of the lamp.

If you are buying a reading lamp, consider its height and the angle of the shade. Ideally, there should be an ample amount of light that passes over your shoulder and the book you are reading. You may also have to factor in your side table's height as well as the distance between you, the table and the lamp.


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