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​How to Choose Interior Designer Lighting

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Lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior design. It not only serves to illuminate but also to decorate and give a sense of style to a room. It breathes life into spaces. When well installed, electrical lighting not only serves its purpose perfectly but enhances the look of the room to the desire of the occupants. 

When choosing the lights to install in each room of the house, consideration should be given to the purpose that the lighting is intended to serve. It would be prudent to consider the following too:


Most people have downlights for their living rooms. While it is a sort ofnorm, it does not make downlights the most dependable or appropriate option to have in this part of the house. The more fun and beautiful lighting here would be pendant lights. They offer unique style and enable you to play with your preferred style and structure, given that they are available in different shapes and sizes. The Tom Dixon and Bocci pendants are made of glass and come in various bold and unique shapes. There is also a wooden variety from designers such as Fermetti and Seppo Koho Secto that pushes the artistic boundary. 

Spaces that Need Illumination

blog-image.jpgWhen choosing a lamp, it is prudent to have in mind which space you want to illuminate. Different areas require different types of lighting. For instance, the sitting room may need the light to be evenly distributed, while in a study nook, it is the desk that requires the most lighting. Therefore, the study could do with a beam of light. Ceiling lamps such as the Luce Lamp by Tetrarch Pistillo Valenti and Pluma T2955 from Estudi Ribaudi are evidence that ceiling lights can be functional as they are works of art that would work flawlessly in the sitting area.

Proper Positioning

While there is no one correct positioning for lighting, you should ensure that the position of your lighting is optimal. Aim to place your light to get the best possible illumination. Look into the size and layout of the room and decide which parts you want to highlight. These spaces that you want to draw attention to will be your best guide. Place your lamp or whatever form of lighting that you are installing to flatter the areas that you want. In the case of pendants, they shine down on a room while at the same time making an artsy presentation. I always prefer to hang a pendant lower in a room to bring out its artsy side while beaming light into my selected space, as opposed to hanging it up high near the ceiling.

I tend to look at the functional as well as the ambient aspect of lighting. In the sitting room, I prefer having a dimmer light that creates a sense of ambiance, while at the same time being illuminant. There is a wide variety of table lamps, ceiling lights, and pendants to choose from, and all from different designers as well. Choosing the perfect one should be the least of your worry. Replica Lights stock a wide variety of lighting and are well versed in the area to give excellent information on the kind that would be appropriate for your personal space. 


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