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Cafe Lighting, Pendant Lights, Floor Lamps – Australia Home Decorators Share Tips on Brightening Spaces

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Café Lighting, Pendant Lights, Floor Lamps – Australia Home Decorators Share Tips on Brightening Spaces

There are so many lighting solutions nowadays that can be easily incorporated into home space design. Therefore, for those who want to achieve a different ambience for both indoor and outdoor spaces, before thinking of directing a lot of money toward new furniture, it may be smarter to think about lighting first because it’s cheaper—and with strategic lighting, everything can take on a new look.

It doesn’t really matter so much what kinds or styles of lights you have. With a dash of creativity, you can easily produce lighting that does not only effectively illuminate spaces but also boosts their charm. If you have café lighting, pendant lights, or floor lamps, Australia home decorators say, there’s a bounty of creative things you can do to get the most use out of them.

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To get you started, here are some tips on how to beautifully use these lights for your home.

  • Café lighting, Melbourne home decorators say, go incredibly well with sheer drapes and curtains to achieve a romantic ambience. Just let them hang down along with the drapes for a waterfall of soft glow.
  • Café lighting is also nice to attach to canopy beds. Instead of the drapes, string the lights horizontally. Every time you go to bed, it’s going to be like looking at a population of fireflies, or having a curtain of stars above you. Think Replica Bocci 14.5 Glass Ball LED Pendant Lights.
  • Want to create an instant chandelier? Gather some branches, wire them together, string twinkle lights all over, and then hang from the ceiling – voila! A rustic chandelier that will serve as a focal feature for a room. Another easy DIY chandelier is to use an old umbrella frame and string different sizes of twinkle lights through the frame. Well, much safer and elegant way to go for Replica Foscarini Tom Dixon Lightweight Suspension Lamp.
  • Floor lamps are perfect for reading nooks. Place them in a corner and they automatically add a dramatic feel to a room. The warm glow in a corner will create nice shadows to trigger the imagination, and it’s not going to strain the eyes. For example Replica Foscarini Diesel Fork Floor Lamp.
  • Pendant lights, Sydney interior decorators claim, are versatile lighting solutions because it’s so easy to attach shades and other elements to them so that they will look more stylish. Everything from mason jars, to paper cups, to old wire whisks can be used to enhance their appearance. Likewise, varying the lengths of these lights can also achieve a whole new look. A ready make pendant such as Replica Adolf Loos Edison Chandelier is another good example.


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